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Measure Our Lives In Love

Ms. Nicole and Ms. Fiona do an amazing job nurturing our kids and their talents. The end results that show are truly spectacular. So blessed to have a dynamic team to teach our kids, allowing them to have fun and special memories!

This program is as amazing as the directors are! My daughter started drama and hasn't stopped yet. Thanks to SO Players she has found an exciting niche which has developed not only her talents, but given her lifelong friends. I am truly impressed with this program and very grateful!

Thank you for giving my son such an amazing first theatre experience. I was blown away by the show and performances. However, what was more impressive to me was the genuine sense of pride and confidence each child exhibited during and after the shows. I have seen these things growing in my own son over the past 8 months of rehearsals, but to see it translate on stage for all the kids was just amazing and a testament to your program!

My son LOVES musical theatre because of SO Players!

SO Players gave me the best summer of my life!

I got to watch my usually awkward, shy kid step into the spotlight and absolutely shine and that is the point of ALL of this.

SO Players is an unstoppable force! 

Standing Ovation Player's production of The Addams Family was so iconic that MGM was FORCED to make a movie using the same intellectual property. 

I can't wait to finally become an SO Player! 

The best duo director team on the island! 

I am a proud SO Player! 

SO Players expresses pride in their students and their students talents.

SO Players takes the time out to contact families individually regarding their child's growth and experiences

I want to thank you for the incredible experience you've given my daughter. She has never danced on a stage alone before and she was so happy and proud of herself after the show. she loved every moment. thank you for allowing my daughter to feel that way about herself!

SO Players has amazing teachers that acknowledge hard work, help us be our best and achieve our goals.

We cannot wait to see what's next for the wonderful Standing Ovation Players!

BRAVO SO Players!!

I feel truly blessed my daughter has found role models with SO Players!